16" Twisted 9 mm glass pipe beaker water bong

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16" Twisted 9 mm glass pipe beaker water bong

You can say we were a little twisted trying to think of something to write about this water pipe. Stared at for ages and amused by how awesome it looks. Beautifully designed glass with the highest quality borosilicate glass in the market.

Did we forget to mention this bong is 9 MM thick and some how, it has an ice catcher as well. The ice pinch is high quality for a great smoking experience. Thick glass for a 16 inch beaker bong, it wipes the floor with any smoking devices you use. Twisted glass bong is anti-slip proof

Herb bowl and slitted are 14mm, comes equipped with ice notches.

If you are looking for a piece that stands out from your other glass, this would be perfect for you. It complements other smoking glass products.

 You can hit up our customer service if you have any questions regarding our super thick nice glass 9mm piece.

Customer Reviews

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Paul Bycauk
Great condition

Highly recommend this glass beaker!

Bangley Samuel

From all the beakers I have purchased from Budder, this one is my favourite. It is unique and has a different look to it. I also like how the ice pinch is placed inbetween the twist of the bong. 5 stars!

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